TCL 10 5G with NXTVISION visual technology

5G era is coming for mainstream users.

How is technology changing our life? It’s changing our behaviors and experiences because of new features, especially 5G will change user behaviors in mobile phone streaming experiences.

Sous la grêle, Joan Miró, 1969.

Get inspiration from the art for innovation design works.

This is a drawing from Joan Miro, a famous Spanish artist (1893–1983). He created this painting named “under the hail” in 1969, and 28 years later, in 1997, I got inspiration from his art in a book to create my graduated design work: Miro electric bicycle.

When I was in…

One horizontal line to integrate 4 cameras and 2 flashlights as TCL 10 Pro design language

It takes a lot of effort and time to drive a unique design language coming true, as a qualified design leader, there are few design principles that you have to secure:

(1) Be confident, force R&D to follow your “naive” design layout.

“It will add cost, and it will be challenging due to the customized component required, …etc.” I always got…

TCL foldable tablet concept

The collection of TCL foldable smartphones from 2019 to 2020.

The real innovation can’t be done without dedicated talents working on the design and R&D & financial investment. Here are the collections of public presses and videos to introduce TCL foldable smartphone concepts designed by my industrial design and user experience design teams.

From the latest press news to the…


The purpose of TCL NXTVISION technology is to discover a next-level display and multi-camera visual techniques; it contents two critical technologies with logical:

- Display enhancement technology (visual output).

- Camera enhancement technology (visual input).

I’d like to share one of the real examples by using display enhancement capability of NXTVISION technology — Real-time “SDR to HDR” conversion:

When I was walking on the street in Berlin in the morning, the sun was rising; I wanted to record the beautiful view of the city, so…

Jellyfish in the deep sea

How should I know I am a self-motivated designer and a true dream maker? And how can I use it to help the design industry? One of my design cases to share with you:

I have been working in the design industry for almost 20 years, and it has two…

The sketches for how LCD technology can implement into a future life

Back in 2002, I was working on a display design project for how LCD technology can implement into a future life. I drew my ideas and imaginations into the above blocks to assemble the vision of future opportunities. Until now, some of them have been implementing in real productions. …

Shane Lee

Design thinker, influencer, and true practitioner to make concepts as real productions. 設計思想家,影響者和真正的從業者,擅長將概念轉化成為真實的產品。

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