The sketches for how LCD technology can implement into a future life

Accumulate The Visions

Back in 2002, I was working on a display design project for how LCD technology can implement into a future life. I drew my ideas and imaginations into the above blocks to assemble the vision of future opportunities. Until now, some of them have been implementing in real productions. But many of them are even still concepts after 18 years later by far.

It’s the 2G era of 2002, and people are using a small LCD screen in the feature phone, and with a big stick antenna on its head. But I started to imagine if the network can be faster with the internet to stream more media content. The display can be everywhere, and it will become an essential info-accessory product in your daily life.

All the advertisements in public transportation can be multimedia screens. The printer will print what you have seen on the screen of the printer, and the weighing-machine with a big weigh-detecting screen can show not just only weight but also much other biological information.

Display technology is always fascinated and evolved by the user’s need. The reason I have been indulging in design and innovation as my longterm career is to draw the future and devote my will and action to execute it in real life.

I used a few minutes to finish one block sketch, but it will need to take a few years to make it come true as real production. Why is reality going so slow?

One of my design mentors ever mentioned a design principle to me: As a designer, don’t be hurry about improving your design skills, you need to control quality, not pursue quantity. Even if you try your best to draw only one good sketch every day, you can accumulate 365 good sketches a year, and there are only very few designers who can achieve it. So I always do not lower my criterion of design quality.

From a famous and meaningful Chinese kungfu movie, a master said: there are three steps in people’s lives:

In the design field, I have seen and meditated myself when finishing most of the design projects, and I have been working in the best companies with the best talents for almost 20 years, and I am still enjoying it. I am looking for insights on how to achieve the level of seeing all beings.

Design thinker, influencer, and true practitioner to make concepts as real productions. 設計思想家,影響者和真正的從業者,擅長將概念轉化成為真實的產品。