TCL NXTVISION is a next-level visual technology

The purpose of TCL NXTVISION technology is to discover a next-level display and multi-camera visual techniques; it contents two critical technologies with logical:

- Display enhancement technology (visual output).

- Camera enhancement technology (visual input).

I’d like to share one of the real examples by using display enhancement capability of NXTVISION technology — Real-time “SDR to HDR” conversion:

When I was walking on the street in Berlin in the morning, the sun was rising; I wanted to record the beautiful view of the city, so I used mobile phone A to take Picture A, everything was so darkly except the sky. I was not satisfied with the picture quality because I wanted both sky and the street remaining bright with details available. So I used mobile Phone B to take another Picture B for the same street view, the result looked better at least you can see some details in the street.

Picture A and B with information comparison

Usually, the picture has a lot of digital information. Still, sometimes the display just can’t show the hidden details because of display capability limitation, so I turn-on the NXTVISION switch in my TCL phone, it shows like below.

Picture A NXTVISION OFF / ON comparison

Picture A shows dark in the street part, but when turning NXTVISION ON, the dark street shows brighter with more details, but the sky remains the same brightness. Let’s compare above picture A with better quality picture B when turning NXTVISION ON as below.

Picture B NXTVISION OFF / ON comparison

We can see here when the picture quality is better, the NXTVISION can show a better quality of overall better details, but the brightness of the sky part remains the same.

This is a real-time “SDR to HDR” conversion for picture clarity enhancements, and it’s one important display enhancement feature of NXTVISION technology. Most of TCL smartphones are equipped with this feature to support the “DISPLAY GREATNESS” marketing strategy.

SDR: Standard Dynamic Range

HDR: High Dynamic Range





I am a storyteller, design thinker, influencer, and true practitioner to make concepts as real productions. 目前任職:TCL集團設計創新中心總經理

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Shane Lee

Shane Lee

I am a storyteller, design thinker, influencer, and true practitioner to make concepts as real productions. 目前任職:TCL集團設計創新中心總經理

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